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Bansi Wheat Bansi Wheat Daliya (Suji) Bansi Wheat Floor Chilli Powder (Reshampatti/Bhivapuri variety) Chilli Powder (Sapata Variety) Jaggery Jowar (Sorghum) Toor Dal (Lenthil) Turmeric Powder (Waygaon Variety)

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Sohum Solutions Group of Companies

"Founding Objective of Sohum Solutions is to make this world a better place to live in by realizing the social needs of people. We are already doing this by developing socio-economical, socio-technical innovative solutions to serve business needs of companies and social needs of people. This vision is achieved by transforming society through executing projects that meets customer/people satisfaction which lead to the generation of business profits.

Use Eco Friendly Products / Services / Solutions

"Founding Objectives of Sohum ECO FRIENDLY Solutions are -To make this Earth a better place to live in, by Using / Promoting Environment Friendly Products, Services and Solutions, using Personal / Professional / Social Networks and IT Enabled Services (ITES).

Eat Only Organic / Eat Only Natural

"Founding Objectives of Eat Only Organic / Eat Only Natural are - To promote Chemical Free Farming / Zero Budget Natural Farming and encourage consumers to Eat Only Organic / Eat Only Natural produced food products.

We are company with a vision and mission to make this Earth a better place to live . We do it promoting organic farming which are not only Environmental Friendly but good for People and Society . Our Motto is Practice , Create Awareness , Motivate . We do not preach but practice what we say.

If you want to know more or want to share something , Please contact us


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